We believe in making life easy for the presenter!

Meet Neets

Neets A/S is an ambitious, design-driven company based in Denmark, who designs, develops and manufactures market-leading products that make life easy for presenters.

What do we mean by that? We fully understand that you ask.

Everybody has at some point in their life had a bad experience with holding a presentation. For some reason you are unable to show your presentation on the big screen - you cannot find the remote, or the cables you need are gone. It eliminates your focus and creates a lot of frustration.

We have been close to our customers, designing and developing pro AV systems that meet THEIR needs since 1999. Even though pro AV control systems create a lot of benefits for meeting room users, we realize that it is not the system in itself, but rather the resulting positive experience the system gives the presenter and the meeting attendees that matters.

This realization has led us to develop some of the most user-friendly AV control interfaces on the market – both for technicians to install and configure, and for users to control their meeting room equipment.

Our design-driven approach helps us design understandable, relevant and outstanding products that suit the specific needs of the individual customers. We are not satisfied with “only” creating and delivering solidly performing products and service to our customers; we always strive for the outstanding.

Our mission

At Neets, we don’t just want to create smart, intuitive and easy-to-install AV control systems that make it easy to start up presentations in meeting and classrooms worldwide. We want to INNOVATE.

We want to innovate products and businesses – we want to impact the lives of professionals all around the world – so they can become thrilled, delighted, captivated and ecstatic. THAT is our sole mission in life and that is what we mean when saying:

"Making life easy for presenters!"

  • Focus on what matters – Our products help you get started with your presentation quickly and easily, meaning you can focus on what’s important- having a productive meeting

  • Freedom of choice – We believe that you know best when it comes to the products you need in your meeting room. We strive to make everything work, and at the same time give you the freedom the choose the equipment you want

  • Best-in-class interface - Our products possess an intuitive user interface, offering you control over all the equipment in your meeting room from one device

  • Easy to Connect - Our products are designed for easy and intuitive installation, in order to make your work process as easy as possible